I feel so much energy flowing through my body, my back feels so supple and mobilized, free and strong. Joints and spine were actively releasing, and I notice my jaw, tongue, and throat have released too

Deborah Wingert Arkin , Ballet Faculty and Former Principal Dancer
New York City Ballet

I have to say this method is something very different than most things I’ve done. I had my second SAFE® FLOOR session with Sanchit Babbar and was really paying attention to my body this time. What I noticed was greater sinus drainage, definitely a light and restorative feeling mentally and physically. I noticed I was standing and walking with much better posture following the class! Very excited to partner with Sanchit Babbar again!

Dr. Shelby Simon,
The Well Manhattan Chiropractic New York

Dance has so many active demands on the body, but SAFE® FLOOR is a calming, intuitive system that can help heal and restore simple constructive movement patterns.

Clifton Brown, Principal Dancer
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

I highly recommend this method and amazing instructor for anything back, neck, or hip related. Countless hours and months of yoga did not do what this accomplished in 2.5 hours.

Candice Flowers.Court Reporter

I was a dancer with the New York City Ballet Company in the 1970’s and then a high-level ballet teacher with Pacific Northwest Ballet for many years afterwards. For months now, I’ve been taking his SAFE® FLOOR class twice a week. His class has greatly improved my flexibility, strengthened my core, and lessened my back pain. I recommend Sanchit’s SAFE® FLOOR class to anyone who has back issues. The difference is remarkable — it’s like you are your own chiropractor!

Terri Lee Port
Former Dancer|Pedagogue

New York City Ballet & Pacific Northwest Ballet

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Sanchit Babbar is an internationally acclaimed Dance Artist, Creative Director and a SAFE® FLOOR Coach.

SAFE®- Spine Advanced Functional Empowerment.