My goal is to dance at the Royal Ballet." And by the way, he has no fall back plan!

DEFYING GRAVITY: The art of Indian dancer Sanchit Babbar

Sanchit Babbar,is an alumnus of The Ailey School and principal dancer for Western Colorado Dance Theater, He is living his dream not by compromising his overall wellness,but by relentlessly working toward it.

Sanchit Babbar: Dancing toward his dream

Sanchit became certified to teach SAFE® FLOOR, the first in the U.S.,and is now teaching the form (as well as dance)throughout New York City. Thus far, he's taught several big names in dance.

The SAFE® Method:Spirals and patterns for recovery,
artstry and more


Sanchit Babbar is an internationally acclaimed Dance Artist, Creative Director and a SAFE® FLOOR Coach.

SAFE®- Spine Advanced Functional Empowerment.