I was a dancer with the New York City Ballet Company in the 1970’s and then a high-level ballet teacher with Pacific Northwest Ballet for many years afterwards. During the pandemic I had to find a way to keep in shape. A friend and former dancer Viki Psihoyos suggested I take class from Sanchit Babbar. For months now, I’ve been taking his SAFE FLOOR class twice a week. His class has greatly improved my flexibility, strengthened my core, and lessened my back pain. I recommend Sanchit’s SAFE® FLOOR class to anyone who has back issues. The difference is remarkable — it’s like you are your own chiropractor! Sanchit also uses helpful relaxation methods in class which, during these stressful times, is an important added benefit.

Terri Lee Port
Former Dancer|Pedagogue
New York City Ballet & Pacific Northwest Ballet

It was an outstanding experience Sanchit! I will definitely keep practicing, it made me very curious about the connection of body and mind, with the amazing manipulations that my brain can have on my body 🧠 You are an inspiration and an amazing teacher ⭐️ In Hebrew we say Toda! Toda means thank you. Toda Sanchit 🙏🏼

Raz Maga
Krav Maga Experts, Instructor

As a former dancer with The New York City Ballet, and now teaching globally, I have come to really appreciate Sanchit’s SAFE® FLOOR classes for dancers and everyone. We always think we must push ourselves, whether in dance, sports, yoga or life, however this method lets our body find expansion with minimal effort. Sanchit’s calm direction leads participants through slow, specifically structured movements using breath, gravity and our own body. I have sent several of my students to Sanchit, and will continue to.

Victoria Psihoyos
George Balanchine Trust and New York City Ballet

After four months of near debilitating left hip pain severely affecting my range of motion, two of Sanchit’s online classes had me back to normal again. I highly recommend this method and amazing instructor for anything back, neck, or hip related. Countless hours and months of yoga did not do what this accomplished in 2.5 hours.

Candice Flowers
Court Reporter

Dance has so many active demands on the body, but SAFE® FLOOR is a calming, intuitive system that can help heal and restore simple constructive movement patterns. It’s instrumental in releasing unnecessary tension while facilitating ease of motion.

Clifton Brown, Principal Dancer
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

I have never felt more aligned in my life. I had no idea what to expect, but from the very beginning I felt an intimate connection with my body and I was aware of every muscle in it and how it was connected to another part of my body. I train martial arts every day, and while I love it, it’s a lot on my body and joints. I often feel exhausted because my muscles are tight and my body feels constricted. I have also trained athletes and other adults that express a feeling of weariness, misalignment and injury as a result of these things. Before all I could recommend was yoga. After an hour of work (which was actually more challenging than I thought) I felt centered, energized, aligned and strong. My body felt fixed – fixed in the sense that I felt a full connection to my entire body, to my surroundings, to my mind and the energy in my body. I feel free and open. My body, heart and mind wants to thank you Sanchit

Amanda Sawyer
Director, New York
Dedimus Potestatem

After class, I felt extremely light, as if I was half of my weight, and I also felt relaxed, more conscious of my body as well. My husband is a CrossFit athlete who likes to improve himself in every aspect, from strength to mobility; after this first SAFE® FLOOR session, he says he found a great way to release muscle tensions off the spine.

Francesca Capetta
Actress and founder, Caravan of Angels, New York

Hi Sanchit, thanks for class today, I find the work very interesting. It’s at once innate and thoughtful. In some ways, it feels familiar and reminds me of how I have instinctively moved my body throughout my life. The precision required in the exercises engages the nervous system in a way that is informed, integrating and rebalancing. I like the slowness of it, which allows me to feel my body inside – whatever changes may be taking place and the connections within. After class I feel so tall, lengthened from the inside. It’s a state which allows me to reach things that are high, without having to reach further with my body. It’s such a delightful feeling. In doing the work today, I had the sense that we are using the outside of the body to move the inside. PS: I❤️ that you talk about multifidus!

Evelyn J Li
LAC,LMT Acupuncturist
New York.

I feel so much energy flowing through my body, my back feels so supple and mobilized, free and strong. Joints and spine were actively releasing, and I notice my jaw, tongue, and throat have released too. I feel very fluid in my sternum, neck line, now epaulement feels so much more free, thank you Sanchit!

Deborah Wingert Arkin
Ballet Faculty and Former Principal Dancer
New York City Ballet, The Julliard School, Manhattan Youth Ballet

The SAFE® FLOOR workout is the only time I have felt my psoas and spine as active, supple and alive, while at the same time at ease. It’s amazing to fully rely on the floor, my own bodyweight and gravity to find recovery. I do believe SAFE® FLOOR is tremendously beneficial to the work we do in Paul Taylor’s Dances, as we often initiate movement from the back. I also believe it to be beneficial to the “simple” human that sits at his desk or perhaps stands all day. Thank you Sanchit for the wonderful session near the water and thank you Alexandre Munz for sharing your wonderful creation with the world.

Irving Amigon,
Paul Taylor II Dance Company New York

I have to say this method is something very different than most things I’ve done. I had my second SAFE® FLOOR session with Sanchit Babbar and was really paying attention to my body this time. What I noticed was greater sinus drainage, definitely a light and restorative feeling mentally and physically. I noticed I was standing and walking with much better posture following the class! Very excited to partner with Sanchit Babbar again!

Dr. Shelby Simon,
The Well Manhattan Chiropractic New York

Hi Sanchit, I wanted to let you know, the SAFE® FLOOR system has given me “space”, clarity, a sense of grounding and increased mobility, now that I have taken 6 or 7 classes I have started to actually get rid of sciatica and lower back pain that plagued me for years, it feels like a telephone cord around my spine has unwind. Classes did get much harder in terms of stamina and core work as of the 5th class, and although I am still aware of my fasciae restrictions, the increased range of motion is liberating 

Lisette Ballard
Former Principal Dancer
Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

I’m diabetic and always have pain at night in the lower legs, for the first time in years I slept with no pain; same this morning, my legs did not cramp, and today blood flow to my head starts to feel better, I can hardly believe it. And there’s that other thing, I don’t know how to describe it, I feel more aware, like hyper connected”

Hemant Khullar, Washington DC

Dear Sanchit, I love your classes and can feel my back has changed – it’s got stronger and more flexible, my shoulders feel different too, like there is more space for them in the back so they don’t have to fall forward all the time, the feeling is hard to explain. And I’m also sleeping on my back without any discomfort. Thank you so much!

Jill Drury
Edwards Colorado

“I’ve only been taking SAFE® FLOOR for a short amount of time with Sanchit! Each week the exploration of my own body grows deeper & deeper! This week was extra special! Thrilled to fully feel the Psoas muscle healing, connecting, learning & alive! Thank you Sanchit for all the wonderful discoveries & inspiring my love for the body’s brilliance even more! I can’t express enough how it is one of the highlights of my day! Truly enjoy everything about this technique!!

Dawn Dippel
Houston Ballet

Hi Sanchit! I felt great after our second private session. The center of my ribcage is more mobile in the lateral perspective, this better able to align the center of my chest with left or right thigh. Waistline, mid and upper back more mobile and looser and in a way stronger. Neck also better. Yesterday I had a strength training session and my body felt more different and more available. Easier to find alignment. My obliques also more loose and able to connect because they are less sleepy, or ‘blocked’. My abdominal muscles and digestion much better too! SAFE® FLOOR is giving me hope that I might be able to dance again 🤸🏻‍♂️💃🏽

Jennifer Danielle Capriccio
Actor | Dancer | Model | Gyrotonic Instructor
Los Angeles

Sanchit, I thank you for reading these words. I’ve been studying movement my whole life, and for so many years in ballet training, I’ve always believed “This body isn’t good enough on its own, I must force it to do what I want.” The SAFE® FLOOR method confirmed something, that the brain is incredibly powerful and that it can be trained. Those spine spirals made my mind “switch” from a lifetime of ruling to now operate with self-compassion and grace. At the end of my last class, I was lying on the floor, I suddenly appreciated how nothing in my body ached, not even my hips or my spine. I felt incredibly happy to the point I began to cry. I cannot think of any time in my life where I have had this sort of understanding, about how good, how safe, it can feel to be in my own body. There are other things too. At night, I can now feel my body fully relaxing into my bed, now I sense that my joints know how to disengage, and the energy in my hip flexors can finally really “turn off”. This is some powerful stuff here! With gratitude, Abbie.

Dr, Abbie Doll
Chimacum Valley Hospital,

So elated to be learning this technique which transforms your body slowly, and trains your brain to pick up new habits. This has eased the chronic pain I had for 6 years in my right hip because of an injury I got as a dancer. Every time I practice SAFE® FLOOR- I feel a sense of coordination between my body and mind; Its meditative! Highly recommend it to people who have been dealing with back issues and have tried everything under the sun. You’re a great teacher Sanchit, I’m proud of you. Thank you so much!

Vrindaa Narang
Creative Director | Fashion Stylist | Collaborator, Vogueitalia, Loreal Paris, Instituto Marangoni

I took Sanchit’s ballet classes in New York City and thoroughly enjoyed them. His straight forward, clear communication of terms and concepts made the classes fun and easy to grasp. Ballet is an art form that requires so much discipline and commitment… because Sanchit is such an approachable and intelligent teacher, he sets a judgement free learning zone that is suitable for beginners and professional dancers alike. A skilled and caring teacher, who is genuinely interested in your progress!

Dianne Kaye,
Actor, Singer and Dancer
New York | Sydney

I have done a hot Vinyassa type yoga class for a couple years and Sanchit taught at our studio temporarily while in town for dance. I was able to take about 4 classes from him. After the first class I felt that everyone should expose themselves to his class.

He meticulously focused on alignment. His classes were more of a workshop, doing similar things at the start of class but reading the class and teaching what we needed. I brought my husband to class and since then he has done the studying Sanchit has suggested. He has improved his pelvic and shoulder mobility considerably and now preaches pelvic mobility. Every time I come up from low lunge to high crescent, I always think of Sanchit’s alignment cues.

Maybe it helps to say that one of our best yoga teachers was in every class I went to. Another 1-2 additional teachers also loved his classes. I think this is worth mentioning.

We are in a very small studio. His interpersonal skills are great, he seems trustworthy and reliable. I’m happy to answer questions if needed.

Dr. Mynette Foley, MD
Western Valley Family Practice, Colorado

Sanchit Babbar was a yoga student of mine at the Alvin Ailey Dance School from 2013-2015. The yoga syllabus is a general program that is designed to address the needs of dancers. The program is an amalgamation of Taoist theory, Iyengar and Anusara teachngs.Sanchit is an excellent student. He is a student who applies himself to explore a subject in depth, in and out of a classroom situation. His approach to the subject was thorough and sincere.I would highly recommend Sanchit as a teacher as well as a welcome addition to any dance company. He is smart, co-operative and has an intelligent approach to working.


Leslie Journet
Former Dancer, Yoga Teacher
Faculty, The Ailey School, New York

I highly recommend classes and workshops with Sanchit. He is well versed in the method of Iyengar and is able to walk you through correctly doing the poses – using props and modifications if needed- so you can feel your body opening up in new ways you have never experienced. He is able to show you how to activate from your core and get into postures you thought weren’t possible before.

Hana Russell
Yoga Teacher
Sacramento, California

I am a teacher and writer based in New York City. I studied ballet in my 20s in for two years. Sanchit Babbar was the best and most inspiring teacher I had. He takes ballet and his students very seriously and at the same time is fun and playful. He is excellent with advanced students even adult beginners. I saw many students progress tremendously during the year I spent with him. Sanchit taught me very well and never gave up on me. He saw my strengths as a dancer and was very encouraging. I would say I grew the most under my study with Sanchit and also became the most devoted. Sanchit is a passionate dancer, teacher and a true artist. If Sanchit is teaching in your city, you are very lucky.

Julia Miller
Teacher and Writer
New York

I was Sanchit’s student in his adult ballet class at the Bridge for Dance Studio in New York City. I am currently a Ph.D. student at Columbia University.

Sanchit taught me ballet for about one year during 2016 and 2017. It has been an unforgettable experience in my life. In fact, he is one of my favorite ballet teachers that I have met in my life. What I have learnt from his classes has doubled what I could learn from other teachers. I almost had zero experience in dancing before he taught me. People usually told me that I was not talented in dancing when I was a kid, although I was always dreaming that one day I could dance. Thanks to Sanchit who has made me believe I can still become a dancer even if I started late – I am getting closer to my dream. I could not believe that one day people told me that I look like a ballerina, but Sanchit made this happen.

Sanchit is not only a very professional dancer, who can do amazing things in dancing, but also an amazing teacher. He cares about every student, and his meticulous instruction helps everyone to improve the performance. From my perspective, what make Sanchit really special are two things. First, he can identify each student’ different talent and push everyone to full potential. For example, I do not have much flexibility and turnout, so I was very shy and not confident at all. However, as an adult, I am a quick learner and a hard-worker. Therefore, Sanchit always made me demonstrate and lead the combinations in class. As a result, I have been working even harder to make sure I would not make mistakes, and have become much more confident than before. Then I started trying harder things, from single pirouette to double to triple pirouettes. I cannot believe how much I got improved during the time he taught me, and definitely I am not the only person who got improved a lot during his classes. Second, he has the rare talent to motivate people so that we spontaneously love dancing. As an adult who is busy with school work and other things, I lack the motivation to come to the class every time, as I am not pushed by parents like a little kid. However, Sanchit’s passion made me love ballet. I started really appreciating the beauty of ballet as a form of art, and enjoying every moment when I am dancing. Every time after dancing I feel much happier. I believe I will keep dancing as long as I can. I think this is especially important for adult students, who need the real motivation to come to classes more regularly.

Moreover, the perseverance that I have learnt from Sanchit benefits me in every aspect of life. Every time when I have difficulties in my life or study, I tell myself, if I can do well in dance (which is the thing I was least good at), then I will conquer any difficulties. I cannot remember how many times this sentence works in my life, and it pushes me to persist in things I love.

I believe that Sanchit will achieve his goals wherever he goes. I hope many more people will have the great opportunity to learn from him just like me.



Yuan Zou
PhD Candidate, Accounting
Graduate School of Business – Columbia University