S.A.F.E.® – Spine Advanced Functional Empowerment

Scientifically approved, internationally awarded, SAFE® FLOOR is a neuromuscular spine decompression technique which rehydrates your fascia, detoxifies your lymphatic system, improves your joint mobility, core strength, muscle tone and flexibility.

SAFE® FLOOR movements enhance the suppleness of muscles, ligaments and joints. They massage and regenerate the fasciae and the connective tissues that govern our organs and lymphatic system (circulatory system and the immune system). Slow microspheric movements of the head, cage and pelvis around the spinal cord axis go beyond stretching deep muscle fibers, they strengthen our core, making our back stronger and more supple. Clients usually feel the effects immediately: joint freedom, muscular flexibility, the release of endorphins to soothe the pain and stress of physical exertion. Most of all they experience what Sanchit call finding a home within—comfort and ease for a mind that must live within the body.

SAFE® FLOOR releases the natural energy within us, which is blocked by stiff joints, dehydrated fascia, and tight muscles. Repeated sessions in SAFE® FLOOR help clients to enhance their confidence and comfort within their own skin. SAFE® FLOOR validates that humans are capable of so much more than we can imagine, and we all can change our old patterns into new ones which help us to be healthy, flexible and strong from the inside.

SAFE® FLOOR was invented by former principal ballet dancer Alexandre Munz, founder of MAISON MUNZ. Sanchit Babbar met Alexandre Munz when looking for coaches to help with his recovery from a terrible dance injury. Alexandre and SAFE® FLOOR allowed him to return to dancing and literally saved his life. Sanchit Babbar is the first certified SAFE® FLOOR coach in the United States, trained by Alexandre Munz himself. For more information please visit www.maisonmunz.com.

What impacts in real time?

3D sequential dynamic core concept is transformative, SAFE® FLOOR unleashes a gold mine of natural resources left unexplored by the workout industry, impacting health, wellbeing, skin texture, muscle tone, energy level, mental and professional performances.

Clients include :

  • Mimi Paul (Former Principal New York City Ballet)
  • Viki Bromberg-Psihoyos (Former Principal New York City Ballet)
  • Deborah Wingert Arkin (Ballet Faculty- The Juilliard School, School of America Ballet and Manhattan Youth Ballet, New York)
  • Dr. Shelby Simon (The Well Manhattan Chiropractic, New York)
  • Dr. Mynette Foley MD (Western Valley Family Practice, Colorado)
  • Clifton Brown (Principal Dance Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater)
  • Irving Amigon (Taylor 2 dancer with Paul Taylor American Modern Dance Company, New York)
  • Lisette Ballard (Former Principal Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, USA)
  • National Foundation For Dance (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Renee Robinson (Former Principal Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

60 Minutes
90 minutes